Pluteus by Zeptiror
Pluteus by ZeptirorPluteus by ZeptirorPluteus by ZeptirorPluteus by ZeptirorPluteus by Zeptiror


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Do you remember the famous ghosts of Christmas past? Due to their recent apparition, other ghosts have dared venture into this realm and are revealing themselves. Lately some seriously inebriated people, among other things, claim to have encountered a group of ghosts who encouraged them to keep partying… they call themselves the “Hangover Ghosts” and they are here to stay!


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“Pluteus“ is one of these ghosts.. Those who have met him describe him as a being of psychedelic appearance that can emits only good vibrations. He’ll make you appreciate the awesomeness of the simple things.


“Pluteus“; is the first character in the line-up of «Hangover Ghosts» created by Spanish artist “Zeptiror”. If you’ve ever been to Madrid you’ve probably seen his graffiti brighten up the city, it’s also likely that you’ve played some of the videogames he’s collaborated in or maybe even seen some of his paintings in art galleries in New York.


RESIN / Height: 22,5 cms / Weight: 650 gr


A handmade toy has the value of being unique because during the creation process it acquires small nuances that make it different. We make a great effort to create the perfect art figure and this includes that it may have small imperfections that, however, transmit personality and authenticity to the toy.


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