Botijoman by Sergio Mora


70 pieces worldwide


A skinny chap with a water jug head, Botijoman is Sergio Mora’s unlikely champion and intergalactic adventurer. Star of Typical Spanglish, a comic book published by the artist in 2013, Botijoman is a regular feature of Sergio Mora’s artwork: he is inspiration itself, the definitive superhero. In this limited edition figure, exclusive to Limited by SOLO, Botijoman is in action, crossing a lunar landscape with a heroine in his arms. Cast in resin and hand-painted, this outstanding piece is the first sculpture of Sergio Mora’s trademark hero.


RESIN / Height: 27 cm x 20 cm x 17 cm / Free shipping


Handmade works have the value of being unique because during the creation process it acquires small nuances that make it special. We make a great effort to create the perfect art figure and this includes small imperfections that transmit personality and authenticity to the artwork.