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BURBAG by RultronBURBAG by Rultron

Purple Burbag

by Rultron

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The year is 2606 A.T (After Trump) the garbage clean up spaceship “Harvesrter 32” belonging to the “StarTrash Corporation”, has been stranded near a black hole. BURBAG is one of the new crew members, although he is very brave in situations like these.


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BURBAG has been unemployed for a very long time and has no experience regarding interplanetary ships. Tired of always doing nothing he applied for the job all dressed up for the occasion and was selected to be Harvester 32’s engineer How will his first day on the job go?


BURBAG is the first character in the “Stranded Star Crew” line-up created by the Spanish artist “Rultrón”. You have probably played in videogames where he has collaborated or seen movies where his artistic stamp is present.

Special Edition painted by @sexypainted

RESIN / Height: 17,5 cms / Weight: 650 gr


A handmade toy has the value of being unique because during the creation process it acquires small nuances that make it special. We make a great effort to create the perfect art figure and this includes small imperfections that transmit personality and authenticity to the toy.



Dunkeys silver - Coolrain / Grafflex / Seman10cm

Dunkeys Silver x5

by Coolraine Studio
Silver Edition

Dunkeys 3inch Silver” (Skullkey, Pithecuse, Mono, Cyborg 00700 and Kingong) is a collaboration work with Coolrain, Grafflex and Seman10cm. The set is consist of 5 characters in Silver.


Coolrain is a world renowned South Korean artist who collaborates with NIKE, NBA, CINELLI, PUMA, CONVERSE, SAMSUNG, LG, MOTOROLA.


PVC & ABS / Heigh: 3 Inch. / Weight: 115gr