Jelly Buddy
Jelly BuddyJelly BuddyJelly BuddyJelly Buddy / White & GoldJelly Buddy / White & GoldJelly Buddy White & Gold by Rultron 4 - Art Toy

Jelly Buddy W&G

10 pieces worldwide


We are excited to bring back our JELLY BUDDY but now in an awesome WHITE & GOLD new edition.
Same size than it’s predecessor, with 9 inches tall (23 cm). Cap and shoes fix onto figure via magnet!
It comes with a specially designed packaging to protect the figure.


Jelly Buddy is the first character of the “Urban Spectrum” line created by Spanish artist “Rultrón”. You have probably played videogames where he has collaborated or seen movies where his artistic stamp is present.


RESIN / Height: 23 cm / Weight: 240 gr


A handmade toy has the value of being unique because during the creation process it acquires small nuances that make it special. We make a great effort to create the perfect art figure and this includes small imperfections that transmit personality and authenticity to the toy.



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