CAESAR by Juan Díaz Faes
Caesar - by Juan Diaz Faes - Art ToyCaesar - by Juan Diaz FaesCaesar - by Juan Diaz FaesCAESAR by Juan Díaz FaesCaesar - by Juan Diaz FaesCAESAR by Juan Díaz FaesCAESAR by Juan Díaz FaesCAESAR by Juan Díaz FaesCaesar - by Juan Diaz Faes - Art Toy


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Rotten Fowls is one the most dangerous gangs in the city. After the intellectual bird uprising of the (S.XXIII) the Rotten Fowl gang is trying to become the only species that can coexist on earth. Known for their historic fighting experience after many years of convictions in small prisons throughout the land, makes RF one of the biggest problems of the outskirts of DownTown.


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Caesar is one of the oldest members of Rotten Fowls. He is part of the inner circle of the RF so he benefits from all the advantages of street royalty, but he also reserves the right to go beat up people with his bare hands if need be. His intelligence has made him one of the best gang strategists ever known, putting a target on back by all the other gangs.


CAESAR is the first character in the “Rotten Fowls” Line created by the Spanish artist “Juan Díaz Faes”. Born in Oviedo, Spain, Díaz Faes studied Fine Arts before moving to Madrid in 2011. He currently works as an illustrator, and is completing a PhD related to the creative arts.


Aside from commercial projects for clients such as Vodafone, Bombay Sapphire or the Goethe Institute, Díaz Faes works with the digital entertainment firm, MUWOM, and contributes regularly to magazines such as Yorokobu and Ling.

RESIN / Heigh: 22 cms / Weight:280gr


A handmade toy has the value of being unique because during the creation process it acquires small nuances that make it different. We make a great effort to create the perfect art figure and this includes that it may have small imperfections that, however, transmit personality and authenticity to the toy.


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